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Data Buddy

4.2 ( 3982 ratings )
Utilitários Finanças
Developer: Jeremy Bassett
0.99 USD

Data Buddy is a beautifully designed, feature rich Data Usage App. It provides a quick and easy way of monitoring your data usage. The unique Usage Timeline Bar instantly indicates indicates your current status.

A survey by TechRadar reported the average monthly data usage is 720 MB.
If your iPhone or iPad is bound to a data contract, Data Buddy is a great tool to ensure you dont go over your data limit.

** Apple Featured Utility App **

Data Buddy has unique features to control and manage your data usage

✓ Instantaneous updates
✓ No annoying carrier login required- not even an internet connection required!
✓ Bubble pointers show current position
✓ Background Updates (for devices supporting multitasking)
✓ Data readings preserved on reboot. No need to adjust.
✓ Numerous Usage Measures
✓ Beautiful retina graphics
✓ Current and historical swipeable graph cards
✓ Ideal Usage Line. Quickly Assess your usage against plan.
✓ No manually resetting required

Data Buddy is the ultimate tool to show you how much data you have been consuming over 3G, Edge, GPRS and WiFi data networks.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.