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Data Buddy app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3982 ratings )
Utilities Finance
Developer: Jeremy Bassett
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.0.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Jan 2011
App size: 824.2 Kb

Data Buddy is a beautifully designed, feature rich Data Usage App. It provides a quick and easy way of monitoring your data usage. The unique Usage Timeline Bar instantly indicates indicates your current status.

A survey by TechRadar reported the average monthly data usage is 720 MB.
If your iPhone or iPad is bound to a data contract, Data Buddy is a great tool to ensure you dont go over your data limit.

** Apple Featured Utility App **

Data Buddy has unique features to control and manage your data usage

✓ Instantaneous updates
✓ No annoying carrier login required- not even an internet connection required!
✓ Bubble pointers show current position
✓ Background Updates (for devices supporting multitasking)
✓ Data readings preserved on reboot. No need to adjust.
✓ Numerous Usage Measures
✓ Beautiful retina graphics
✓ Current and historical swipeable graph cards
✓ Ideal Usage Line. Quickly Assess your usage against plan.
✓ No manually resetting required

Data Buddy is the ultimate tool to show you how much data you have been consuming over 3G, Edge, GPRS and WiFi data networks.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Pros and cons of Data Buddy app for iPhone and iPad

Data Buddy app good for

I like this app because you fit all the data stats on one page, and the line graph helps a lot. The reason your missing a star is because you need to integrate push notifications and make ALL your images hd for retina devices. Fix that and Ill give you that final star. Thanks for the great app
My plan renews on the 29th of every month. The app assumes my renewal is exactly one month all the time. I would like there to be a way for me to customize that. I find the classic view more attractive Somehow the other view is too crowded. I would like the essential information visible quickly without over crowding: how much data I have used, how much I have left, and notifications every-time I reach a certain amount. I dont understand the 369 (cycle day) day number. I think a loading bar like in classic view is more attractive. Also, why doesnt this multi-task, it has to reload every time I open it!
This is a very nice app that is attractive and easy to use. I like that it doesnt need to be running in the background -- it simply updates the usage level every time you launch it. A tip for new users -- you can enter any data limit you want by tapping the "set data limit" field instead of being limited to the numbers on the dial. I have only given the app four stars for now, as I dont yet know how accurate it is. I will update my review after this billing cycle completes. Update: My Data Use recorded 196 MB in my first billing cycle, while my service provider recorded 209 MB. Thats close enough for me, but to be fair to My Data Use, I installed the app a couple of days after my billing cycle began, so it may have missed a few MB at the beginning. I will update again at the end of my next billing cycle. In the meantime, Ive bumped my rating to five stars.
Have used it for two years and has helped me manage my usage, havent had a overage bill yet Havent tested it but hope it tracks teacher usage.

Some bad moments

Unfortunately I cannot get this app to work on my iPhone4. I have installed and reinstalled it three times, but it does not work. The usage inputs do not update and the manual hangs up. I tried twice to get help from the contact function on the support web site, but I have not received a reply. Very disappointing.
Love the look. But it wil not update, and if it does it does randomly. The report a problem option doesnt work so I cant contact anyone to try and resolve the problem.
So-so, not that intuitive. Free version of 3D watchdog is more feature-rich, can even export data to csv file. No way to reset data from within this program, either.
Doesnt track data usage correctly at all. iPhone 4 on Telus. On day 14 of cycle, records 60 mb used for 3G, while the settings app (which Ive reset appropriately) shows usage at 218 mb. My provider also texts me when my data plan is at 75 and 95%, which also showed a 150-300 mb discrepancy with My Data Uses readings. Want my dollar back.
Good application, not in realtime, I have to reload the application each time to be updated. Andre
I am much like Goonpin - there is always a discrepancy between what my online Telus profile says Ive used and what this app tells me Ive used (this app always lowballs it by around 100-200 mb). Maybe its a problem with Telus, but either way, this app is not tracking exactly what my provider is tracking, rendering it useless for me. Telus customers, beware!